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"Helping & guiding you in a positive direction, to align yourself towards to the most desired version of yourself. "

Who Is Kathy Marrott?

The Best Part

     Kathy has a lifetime of psychic experience, with deep blood lines of psychic ability on both sides of her family. With her prowess & years of psychic mastery, she is able to tune into the energy of her clients with ease. She is able to read into and heal any limiting beliefs, reoccurring life patterns, and suppressed fears and traumas that are influencing ( or will influence ) their ability to live the life of their dreams.

With years of professional psychic training and her innate clear vision clairvoyance, Kathy is able to tune into her clients from any distance. All sessions are remote. Kathy can tune in, tap in and receive answers and guidance for you anywhere in the world you are. With an amazing level of accuracy!

Contact Me

Contact Me



Text Questions

1 Text Question $35

2 Text Questions $60

If you needing more insight please book a session.

I am able to connect to your higher self and angel guides to get clarity on any challenges you may be facing.

Are you wanting to learn more about how to connect to your angel guides? Are you wanting divine answers? I can assist you.


Without using angel cards, I am able to connect to the etheric realm. I can connect to your angels, I can tell you how many angels you have around you, and share detailed advice along with your spiritual healing.

You will be divinely guided into a life with a peaceful mind and heart. Your angel guides will help clear up any worry, issues or unanswered questions. Connect to the divine with angel therapy. 

$195 1 hour

$105 30 min

During your session with Kathy, you will have the option to choose a specific intention or something you’d like to heal. For example, if you are experiencing issues in your love life, Kathy is able to tune into and help identify the blockages that may be preventing you from finding and keeping love. 


If you are experiencing issues with money or financial success, she is able to tune into your energy and help remove blockages that may be hindering your prosperity. With Kathy’s spiritual guidance and healing expertise, you will be able to heal all that is holding you back from attaining all of your greatest desires and aspirations. 

With Kathy’s help, you will be able to understand, change, and heal childhood and past traumas that are creating barriers in your life today that you may not even be aware of. Kathy, along with your angel guides, will help guide you on a spiritual journey that will give you a new perspective on life. You will gain a new sense of happiness and self love that you never even knew existed!

$195      1 hour

I do not offer 30 min for healing sessions

This reading is for any type of relationship, whether it be friendships, siblings, family, coworkers, lovers, or crushes.


I have the ability and gift to look into the energy people put out into the world. In this energy, I am able to see what each person most likely will choose to do. I can see intentions. I can see deep, heartfelt feelings. I can sense emotions in others.


With this reading, I can help you gain clarity and wisdom. I can also offer divine healing guidance and tools to help any relationship flourish. 

$195 1 hour  

$105 30 min

Kathy Marrott

Kathy Marrott

Empath & Psychic Medium Healer.
I can hear your angels, guides, and higher self.

     Kathy has an abundance of techniques that she has accumulated through her channeling work & Meditation. Kathy's own personal healing work, has shown her there are a limitless amounts of processes to shift energy.  She uses her clear vision clairvoyance to read clients. Along with listening to your guides/angels & higher self for guidance. Depending on your angel guides advice, It is quite common to do various techniques in one session with Kathy.

Personal Healing or Reading Clarity Sessions with Kathy give you a massive amount of insight & clarity.  She can see what you are aligning yourself with, as well as what you are creating forward in your life. She will guide you towards the most positive direction. Helping you, align yourself with the most desired version of yourself.  


In addition to this, her natural psychic abilities can educate you with any information about your past, present & future.  She is able to communicate with your deceased loved ones. She will teach you how to expand your own natural psychic abilities. Her sessions are the whole package, a combination of energy healing and readings. On top of that, she gives you great practical take home tools to incorporate into your everyday life so you can assist yourself long term. 

No question is off limits. 
Common topics people want clarification on are: Life purpose. Career / Business. Romance / Twin Flame / Soul mates. Manifesting abundance. Healing the physical body. Health, Expanding psychic awareness. 

Communicating with deceased loved ones. Past life/ future life enquiries. Soul history. Kathy will give you the guidance needed for complete clarity on any subject.

Kathy will ask you to create some relaxing ambiance for your reading/healing appointment. Clients often use calming music, comfortable clothes laying down during each of your sessions. Whatever enhances relaxation is perfect. 


Kathy's Personal healing & Reading clarity sessions are done online via Skype or Phone/Facetime. As she is based in San Diego, California USA


You will want to bring your own questions & intentions for your 1:1 Personal Healing Session, spirit healing or email reading with Kathy. ​

Are you ready to Transform your Life?




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